Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Immediate Headache!

Trying to describe bracelet sizing has always been a monkey on my back! And I think, it sometimes causes confusion to the point where people don't buy a bracelet, for fear that it is too large, too small, etc. And on top of that, what would the most popular bracelet size even be??? Seriously, it is more complicated than fitting a pair of shoes!

So, I'm looking for a few brave people who are willing to take a flexible tape measure and SNUGLY measure in front of their wrist bone -- >> See survey at right. And here is why...

I do not measure my bracelets from end to end. This is a very deceiving and inaccurate measurement. A 7 inch end-to-end length bracelet with small beads would be relatively large, while a 7 inch end-to-end bracelet with large beads would be very small. Large beads "eat up" the interior circumference of a bracelet as soon as you fasten it. BEWARE of end-to-end measurements only!

So all of my bracelet listings give an interior circumference measurement. Then I will tell you what sized wrist it will best fit. For example, a bracelet with an interior circumference measurement of 6-3/4 inches will best fit a wrist that measures (snugly with a flexible tape measure in front of the wrist bone) 6-1/4 to 6-1/2 inches.

Take my wrist measurement challenge! Let's find out the most frequently occuring wrist size. This will help bracelet designers tremendously...we want to fit YOU!