Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are Anklets "In" or "Out"?

...doesn't matter, I still enjoying making them for summer. I think they are very cute with sandals, maybe when other jewelry is just a little too heavy in hot weather.

I like to design all my anklets (or ankle bracelets) to be adjustable. You can wear one above the ankle, tight enough so it doesn't slip down...or, more loosely below the ankle. It is impossible to wear an anklet directly across the ankle, otherwise, even the most sturdy construction will snap with the pressure from bending your foot.

I've found that 9 inches is about medium-sized for an anklet. So a small section of chain makes it adjustable up or down by 1/4 inch. Wrap a cute little Swarovski dangle at the end of the chain, and the anklet is ready to go.

The anklet shown here was made with Hill Tribe, hand stamped tubular beads, tiny rounds, and pastel freshwater pearls in pink and aqua. This piece is for sale in the Anklet Section of my Etsy shop, DLPom Handcrafted Expressions.

Enjoy your summer!

Monday, June 8, 2009

A New Venture - Hand Stamped Sterling Silver Pendants

I love it when a little window of time opens up and there is a chance to try something new! Creative people always have a thousand more ideas on their list than what they really have time for. With my little window of time, I tried my hand at a new jewelry venture that has been on my list for quite some time...or should I say "adventure!"

Hand stamping sterling silver jewelry does take a little practice, and you will likely "mess up" your first few attempts. (So don't try this for the first time on your expensive sterling silver!) But it really is easy once you get the hang of it.

For beginners, I recommend measuring twice, just to be sure! And take into consideration any holes at the top of a pendant which will lower the visual center of your piece. When ready to stamp, I've found that 2-3 confident whacks with the hammer give a better quality stamp than 9-10 tentative taps. You will also need a very smooth, steel surface on which to stamp so as not to introduce any unwanted marks on your project.

I had previous experience with oxidizing, brushing, and repolishing silver pieces. So these steps came naturally after the hand stamping was completed. The results of this entire process are some nice, organic pieces that look awesome on a ball chain!

Check out my website for more pictures and details: DLPom dot com