Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Handcrafted Soap Addict's Soap Dish

Can't have only one bar of handcrafted soap at a time? Bits of different soaps globbed together in one dish? Can't wait to finish one bar before trying another?

Yeah, that's me! And I may be worse than the average person because I'm always testing my own bars of soap, and of course that requires using many different bars at a time!

So why fight it? Here's my attractive, earth-friendly, and organized way to handle your soap addiction. Each bar can have it's own slot to drain and air dry! Perfect!

See this soap dish and many others in the Linen Closet section of my Etsy Shop, Soap Sense.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Entrecard Top Droppers for January!

Drumroll...and here they are -- my Top 10 Entrecard droppers for January:

Limitless Adventure
Silver Sachet
Youniquely Chic
A Rose By Name
The Fashion Lovers
Dieting Talk
Top Model News - blog no longer available

Thanks to everyone for increasing my blog traffic! Hope to see you in February!