Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Perfect Scent

Soapers are always sniffing. Sniffing to find the next perfect scent for the next batch of soap. Yes, I have my tried and true favorites: Rosemary Mint, Gardenia, Lavender, etc...but springtime evokes a whole new blooming bonanza that should be duplicated in fragranced soap scents!

My favorite of all favorite scents is my Texas Mountain Laurel. It blooms just once a year, beginning with the first few days of warm weather in south Texas. Yes, we have already had some very springy days here, but the weather still has a tendency to turn bitter cold for a few days too!

I can't resist going to my Mountain Laural tree each day to inhale the grapey-waxy scent. I have to take advantage because the blooms last only about 10-14 days, and once they are gone, I have to wait a whole year! Today, the honey bees were enjoying the blooms, too.

So my challenge is to duplicate this scent in soap. It's intoxicating. And since I can't bathe in the actual blooms, I hope I am successful...I've already got a few great leads for infusing this scent into my soap making process. Stay tuned...I will report back!

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