Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hurricane Ike: Before, During, & After (Part II)

(See Part I of my Hurricane Ike Journal)

Saturday Afternoon, 9/13

It was about noon before the rain and wind settled down enough so we could get outside. We took a few boards off the house to let some light in, and removed enough items from the garage so we could get to the generator. The power had been out for about 15 hrs., and I wanted to save my refrigerator and freezer contents from spoiling.

We inspected our house more closely, and thankfully, no damage except a leaning section of fence, and a few strange objects that had landed on our roof. Leaves and branches were just everywhere…they were piled six inches deep up against the curb, and scattered throughout the yard. With so many leaves on the ground, it was amazing that the trees still had leaves on them!

Some of our neighbors were not so lucky. Trees had fallen on houses doing roof and window damage. The oak and maple trees faired the best during the storm. The elms, pecans, and other varieties had more damage. Gutters were dangling and street lights were broken. The only sounds in the neighborhood were chain saws, generators, and sirens.

It is difficult to clean things up in rainy, wet conditions…even though the entire neighborhood was anxious to get going; it was going to take days, maybe weeks, to clean-up what happened overnight.

Sunday and the days to come in my next post…


Julie said...

I'm glad your house is okay. We had some pretty rough surf and a bit of flooding here in southwest Alabama. Let's all hope this is it for Gulf hurricanes this summer.

Brandon said...

Wow, such a crazy experience. Glad your all well. Thats a bummer about the neighbors roof.

May you be blessed w/ lots more sunny days!