Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Are Anklets "In" or "Out"?

...doesn't matter, I still enjoying making them for summer. I think they are very cute with sandals, maybe when other jewelry is just a little too heavy in hot weather.

I like to design all my anklets (or ankle bracelets) to be adjustable. You can wear one above the ankle, tight enough so it doesn't slip down...or, more loosely below the ankle. It is impossible to wear an anklet directly across the ankle, otherwise, even the most sturdy construction will snap with the pressure from bending your foot.

I've found that 9 inches is about medium-sized for an anklet. So a small section of chain makes it adjustable up or down by 1/4 inch. Wrap a cute little Swarovski dangle at the end of the chain, and the anklet is ready to go.

The anklet shown here was made with Hill Tribe, hand stamped tubular beads, tiny rounds, and pastel freshwater pearls in pink and aqua. This piece is for sale in the Anklet Section of my Etsy shop, DLPom Handcrafted Expressions.

Enjoy your summer!


tstreasures said...

I think anklets are the one piece of jewelry that will always be popular once the summer comes. It might just be a particular type of anklet though. I love them and just made a few too.

Rachel Kovaciny said...

I love anklets! I just got a new jangly one and I'm wearing it all the time. If a jewelry-oriented shop has anklets, I almost always check those out first. I find anklets unobtrusive ways to add a little flair.

Sweetwater Designs said...

They're in as far as I'm concerned :)
I wear them often.mostly a thin black cord, but sometimes a seed bead one with one of my smaller lampworked beads on it.
I always sell a few of these during the summer months.

w said...

they make my ankles look skinny. and that's alright by me.

Sharon said...

West Coast beach lovers never gave up on anklets as they are a great way to highlight a little tan and colorful toe nails.

Rose of Sharon Jewelry Fan Page

QuiteNice said...

I think anklets are an all season thing, but
especially in summer. Haven't wore one in years, but like the look. Perhaps I should broaden my horizons and start wearing them again!

Vhiel said...

I love anklets but I haven't really wore one since I was in college. I guess I just didn't find anything appealing that I can wear.

by the way, I just started following your blog, I hope you can follow mine too!

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