Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Magic of Dichroic Glass

I've had a fascination lately with the chameleon color and ever-changing sparkle of dichroic glass -- so much so that I've created a series of "Cosmic Glitter" pendants and rings to celebrate the magic!

All backed in sterling silver and set in fine silver bezels...  All numbered and signed by the artist (me!) on the back side...

Sold!Sold!Dichroic glass is created by fusing small bits of colored glass and metallic oxides to a clear or black base of glass inside a kiln. The applications range from cabochons, to beads, to large pieces of glass art.

Everyone should have a little piece of this sparkly magic for their very own to wear!  Each piece is versatile and often picks up the colors in your wardrobe for a splash of neon color and a very coordinated look.  And all of them look spectacular with black! 

Maybe a gift for someone special, or a treat for yourself?  Enjoy!

~Dana @ Coil and Flame

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