Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tackle it Tuesday - Finishing Earwires

"Tackle it Tuesday" will be a new feature on my blog where (hopefully) I'll be sharing a tiny (or maybe not so tiny) tip for making your jewelry or soapmaking crafting better. I am a huge proponent of attention to detail in my work, along with working efficiently, and *trying* to stay organized with all of my supplies. I hope to bring you "ah-hah" moments, ideas to springboard your crafting from beginner to pro, and ways to improve your crafting time productivity.

Even better, other crafters around the world have a wealth of information to share about their handcrafted work. And this will be the place YOU can share a link back to your blog for any "Tackle it Tuesday" tips you have recently written about on your blog.

So, let's get started! Today's "Tackle it Tuesday" challenge is for all earring makers to finish their earwires.

What do I mean by "finish?" I'm talking about the end of the wire that goes through your piercing first. I see so many commercial and handmade earwires with blunt and/or prickly ends that it makes me cringe just thinking about putting those earrings on. You and your customers will appreciate a more finished product once you can tell the difference. Even if you use flush cutters to make your own earwires, the ends are blunt, and therefore more uncomfortable to put on than they need to be. 

Here is an example.  These photos are commercial earwires - the first earwire has a rough, pinched end, the second earwire has been smoothed:

All you need is a small piece of extra fine sandpaper. Round off the blunt or pinched end and remove any burrs by gently rubbing the wire end at an angle on the sandpaper. We aren't looking for a sharp point, just a rounded, smooth end to the wire.

If you have a tumbler with steel shot, just add a little water and a splash of Dawn dishwashing soap and tumble for about an hour to polish the sanded end, and add a little extra hardness to the wire.

You're done! You and your customers will notice the difference.

Now, it's your turn! What crafter's tip would you like others in your field to know about on "Tackle it Tuesday?"  You may enter your link below...but please visit and comment on at least two of the other links that inspire you!

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