Tuesday, August 12, 2008

........The First Creative Thinking Skill........


Fluency means thinking of many, many, many ideas. Your ideas do not have to be unusual, but try to get as many ideas as you can in just a few minutes. Lean in to unusual ideas and hitchhike on identified ideas. Try not to judge or make comments about ideas as they are being generated. This skill is related to brainstorming, except that it is done more quickly, and should not be a prolonged activity.

Here are two exercises to improve your creative fluency: 1) With a partner, talk for one minute without stopping about a topic you know something about. The partner cannot interrupt or comment during the one minute; 2) In one minute, jot down as many words as you can that replace the word "said." If you do this with a partner, share your words when the one minute is up.

How could you improve your crafting fluency today?

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