Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soap, Soap, Soap - Texas Blooms Series

I'm doing a themed soap series for my Etsy shop, SoapSense. We have so many wonderful florals in Texas, I wanted to represent them in my cold process soaps.

I started off with Mountain Laurel and Bluebonnet, both blooming in the spring. Mountain Laurel has a unique, grapey scent that I just couldn't ignore. Bluebonnet, of course, is the state flower.

Then, there is Honeysuckle, Yellow Rose, & Jasmine. All are true scents, that match the real flower perfectly. The jasmine soap was even made using jasmine tea! If it is difficult to choose, just get one of each. Watch for holiday gift baskets that include these soaps, coming soon.

Or, if you don't really need the fancy packaging, purchase these soaps as "Birthday Suit Bars." Yes, they are simply undressed, at a 10% savings!


BeadBrat Originals said...

The soap bars look lovely! It looks like you are using handmade papers to wrap them... have you considered putting seeds to the flowers they are scented with into the paper, then the packaging could be planted and fully recycled!

Dana said...

That is a neat idea beadbratoriginals! I'll have to experiment with that.