Saturday, December 6, 2008

Etsy Shop Feature: The Taffy Box

Simple elegance with meaningful designs...that is the way I would describe my next EtsyBead Team shop feature, The Taffy Box. Owner and designer, Koryn, creates beaded jewelry as well as hand stamped, uplifting designs. Here is her interview:

Q1: Where do you get your inspiration?

A1: Gosh! Where do I start? - nature, children, inspiring words, birds, dogs, trees, clouds, simplicity.

Q2: Is Etsy your full-time job? What other things do you enjoy?

A1: Up until last spring I taught preschool part time. Now I work full time at home on my Etsy businesses as well as fighting breast cancer, which is a job in and of itself! Lots of doctor visits and treatments, PLUS I am a mom to two high schoolers so I play the role of taxi-mom too.

Q3: What is your favorite jewelry piece from your Etsy shop and why?

A3: Right now I would have to say it is my "Blessed" heart copper necklace. I do feel incredibly blessed to be alive and to have had my cancer caught early at stage 2. I also love many of the hand stamped jewelry items I have made in the past which are on hold right now. I plan to be back in custom orders in the new year.

Q4: Favorite movie? Favorite animal? Favorite drink?

A4: I love the movie "Shawshank Redemption" because it triumphs justice when all odds are stacked against the wrongfully accused! My favorite animal is my puppy, Colby, a one year Golden Retriever, and favorite drink is coffee and cappucinnos! I think of coffee the minute my feet hit the floor every morning and I make my own cappuccinnos every afternoon...better than Starbucks if you ask me!

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Koryn, and took a moment to visit her shop. Leave us a comment!

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