Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Blog Contest #1 - Hurricane Junction!

It's that time of year. Hurricane Dolly is heading toward south Texas, but those of us a little north will probably get a boatload of rain. Good, as long as it isn't too much. I live near the city of concrete (Houston), and concrete doesn't absorb water!

But, since I am a naturalist at heart, I actually find hurricanes (and other unusual weather) a little exciting!

So my first blog contest is named "Hurricane Junction!" Answer the following question in the comments section of this post to win a custom pair of simple, pierced earrings from any of the semi-precious gemstones I have in stock! See more examples here. Be sure to leave a safe way for me to contact you if you win. The winner will simply be the answer I like best!

Question: What is your favorite type of weather where you live? What do you enjoy doing in this weather?

Have fun! I look forward to reading all your answers. Contest deadline: July 27th, 2008.


Amanda said...

My favourite kind of weather is a huge snow storm! No, really! But I only like it if it's bed enough that there's no way anyone is going out all day. So I stay in, make hot chocolate, sit down with an apple and a book, crafts and bake all day!

Taleri said...

My favorite weather is the monsoon storms. Because I live in the desert, rain doesn't come that often, so when it does, its special. I still find it amusing that the only natural disasters we have are floods, because the ground can't absorb the miniscule amount of rain that we get very quickly.

I like to stand outside under an awning and just smell the rain. The air cools off a bit and smells fresh and new. I like to watch the rivulets form streams and eventually flood the street.
I like watching my dog bound up and down the gutter, playing in the water. Shes not fond of baths, but I guess somehow water in the street is different.

This year, the rains have been coming at sunset so the red-orange sky will be broken with streaks of blue and grey. The clouds gather into a fluffy blanket, and the drops plop one by one to become a sweet shushing storm to tuck us in at night.

Bunny B said...

Your earrings are gorgeous!! I love them!!
I live near the equator so it's summer all year round! I love it when it's not so hot and sticky so I can have fun by the pool and have BBQs with loved ones :)
Thank you for the chance!
bunnybox9 at gmail . com

NYPapercrafter said...

My favorite weather would be a windy thunderstorm. Before the rain actually starts my husband and I will sit on the front steps watching the wind whip through the trees and the grass bending to give a velvety appearance. We count between the lightning and the next boom of thunder to see how close the storm is getting.

The smell of rain that the breezes bring is so fresh and clean. All the windows are open wide to let that freshness into the house too!

August is very muggy here and we don't usually get as much rain, so any storm then is appreicated. Love when mother nature waters for us!

Your earrings are just beautiful. Thanks for the contest!

KatieG said...

Last year we moved to Idaho and occasionally we have some really strange weather phenomenons! Like last month (June) it snowed! My favorite thing to do when this happens is go out and take some cool photos! It's just fun to live in a place where there is always something interesting happening!

You can convo me on etsy! Username: mynameskatie

P.S. your earrings are GORGEOUS!

w said...

my favorite weather (where i live) would be "winter weather". i'm in central florida - which means we get 2 days of "winter" here.

my fav thing to do in that weather? wear a coat! i have tons of coats (why? i don't know. it's an addiction. my husband rolls his eyes when i come home with a new coat). i only have (seriously) 2 days out of the year to wear a nice thick coat... and dagnabit, that's what i like to do during the "winter weather".

(fyi - it can get to be a freezing 60 degrees here! lol).