Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's all in the Details

From time to time I like to step back and think about how my jewelry design is different from what else is out there. Goodness knows there is plenty of jewelry out there! Today I concluded, "It's all in the Details."

For example, the earrings I listed today have a few special features. I actually came up with the name "Salsa" before I ever designed them. This was after reading about the continued tomato, pepper, salsa food poisoning scares going on right now. (Yes, it's true -- you never know where you might find inspiration!)

Anyway, I wanted the earrings to be contemporary, bright, and still feminine. So I started by mixing metals -- copper and sterling silver. And instead of stopping with a straight, stacked, linear earring, I added an extra rope ring dangle of gaspeite to add a bit of dance to this pair. The floral beadcap for the turquoise...that's the feminine part!

What makes your craft, customer service, or promotional energy different from the rest? How do you stand out? I think this is key to being a successful seller -- if you don't know what you are exceptionally good at, how will anyone else? Leave me your comments, and happy crafting!

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Le Fleur said...

I believe that my designs set me apart and also that I do all copper and bronze designs while I see mostly sterling being listed on etsy. Also, I've come up with clever packaging that I think might attract repeat buyers if I could get any in the first place :)