Friday, October 5, 2007

Have you ever noticed...?

So many artisans these days don't do custom orders. Many say it stifles their creativity, or that they just don't need that kind of business. But I've found the opposite to be true. Have you ever noticed how custom requests can actually spark your creativity and push you in a direction to try something new that you might not have tried otherwise?

That happened to me just recently. A co-worker wanted a pair of earrings to match a necklace she had recently purchased. We talked to get a general idea of what she wanted, and I made two pair for her to consider. The pair pictured in this post sparked an idea for a different handmade earwire, hammered on the end to anchor the stacked beads, then hammered above the beads so everything is secure. I'm sure this isn't a "new" technique. But the request for a pair of beaded "stick earrings" forced me to try something I had never done before!

As it turns out, I'm actually making a third pair of earrings for her to consider. It is going to be a combination of the first two pair I made. Ahhhhhh, customer satisfaction... :) This pair is now listed in my "Just Silver Stop" section on Etsy!

Later, Dana

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Secret Lentil Clothing said...

I do them. I love them and they also make me a bit queasy. but because of them i've met some of the nicest customers and been pushed to create things I never would have otherwise.

Claire said...

Interesting. I never considered that commissioned work could actually make you more creative...thanks for making this topic a little less scary for me!

Sharon said...

Lovely earrings!

I love doing custom orders and I am trying to build this side of my business on Etsy.

Eveline said...

I love them! Sometimes they scare me a bit because I want to do it 'just right' and don't want the buyer to be disappointed, but they make me try new things and make something I might never have even thought of before.

Yay for custom orders!

Eveline (Timeless on Etsy)

B.B. Bellezza said...

I agree that in this type of situation custom orders could actually make you more creative. Like you said, custom orders make you try out new techniques or color schemes, etc, that you wouldn't have tried otherwise.

But, then there are some who have such a specific idea in their head that they want, I think it is more those kinds of custom orders that people may not like as much.

Otherall, though, I think they are great and have had great experiences with them! Kim

Thanita Glancey said...

yes, I love custom order. There has been a few where I thought, "ooooh I wouldn't match those two prints together..." and BANG! It looked awesome in the end! So yes I am totally inspired by them. I love seeing things in other peoples eyes. I also totally welcome custom orders!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Custom orders to stretch you in the best ways.
Every once in a while they can be a little too challenging, but overall a wonderful thing :)

3/4 of my business is custom!

Robyn said...

I do custom orders, but I feel both ways about it:

I find it really interesting what fabrics people put together that I never thought to. I get to make bags I never would have thought to do.

but, I also find more people want to design their own than buy an already made bag, and I'd like to sell more of those, too! I could just do custom only, but I enjoy coming up with bags and making them, so I make them anyway.

MadeByAmanda said...

I've only done one custom order, but it was simply a matter of changing the color of an existing item. It didn't push me to be more creative, exactly, but definitely to be more perfectionist.

Anandi said...

Woot to custom orders. I love the earrings in your pic.

novelartsanddesigns said...

I love custom orders. They stimulate me to be creative, and keep my mind open to new ideas.