Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy...or Thrashing?!

Today will be a busy crafting day -- and that is how I prefer to work. On my crafting agenda today I'll be making a batch of soap; completing a few jewelry pieces and starting a few new ones; wrapping eight bars of soap that were purchased yesterday; doing some photography; catching up on my bookkeeping (yuk!); and pulling a few garden weeds around my herbs that are often used in my soap recipes.

I love being busy. The trick is to keep "busy" from becoming "thrashing." Thrashing is what I used to do: flitting around from one task to the next, wasting a lot of time, and never quite completing anything. Now, I force myself to do just one thing at a time and see it through to completion before getting involved with something else. I discovered a unique feeling of accomplishment when I stopped the thrashing.

So here I go. But first, I think I'll make a pot of coffee to begin the day. Even "busy" requires caffeine!

Until next time, enjoy this picture of a monarch chrysalis that I found ready to hatch on my patio yesterday afternoon. When it hatches, it will be one of the longest living, 4th generation monarchs that flies to Mexico for the winter, then comes back in the spring to start next year's generations of monarchs. Unbelievable!

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MakinTheBestOfIt said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that "thrashes" around!