Friday, July 23, 2010

2010 Collection: Shades of Silver

Introducing a new collection of jewelry, celebrating all the different hues of oxidized sterling silver!

Silver doesn't always have to be bright and shiny. In fact, different metal colors in the same design can actually compliment the piece and make it more well rounded, eclectic, or even antiqued like a vintage piece. And jewelry with interest is all the rage right now!

Oxidized sterling silver can occur 3 different ways. The first is just with time and exposure to air. Have you ever uncovered sterling silver that you haven't used or worn in awhile and it is darkened beyond recognition? Time and air have done a number on it! This process can be accelerated by the acid from your skin that has been left on the sterling silver.

The second way is with a boiled egg. Huh? Yes, I said boiled egg! If you boil an egg, mash it, and put sterling silver in a plastic bag with the egg, the silver will darken within minutes.

The third and final way (that I know about) is with liver of sulphur. This can either be a liquid or solid chemical that is
dissolved in water. When it is heated and touches sterling silver, the darkening effect is almost immediate.

But sometimes what you get is a surprise. Oxidized sterling silver can be pitch black, gunmetal gray, copper, or any number of green or blue shades I like to call peacock hues. Usually after oxidizing the silver needs to be tumbled or rebuffed to bring out the complete beauty of the metal.

The four designs pictured here are just the beginning. The first necklace and earring set have been designed with faceted, rock quartz and kyanite. I named it "Tyrrhenian Sea," inspired by the Italian coastline.

The second set features crystal clear round rock quartz, named "Mystic Morning," reminiscent of early morning dewdrops. The stones in both sets are gem quality. Click the pictures to get full descriptions and to SHOP!

Later, check out my Etsy store, DLPom, often for new listings.

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