Saturday, July 3, 2010

Name It to Win!

Typically, as I am creating a jewelry design, a name just comes to me somewhere along the way. I can't explain this phenomenon...a fitting name just pops into my head and the jewelry piece is named!

But every once in awhile, nothing pops. No name ideas...nothing. And the harder and longer I think about it, the worse it gets. Writer's block sets in and sometimes I don't list it on Etsy for weeks because it is an orphan until I have the time to revisit it.

So, throughout the summer I would like readers to help with this dilemma. The carnelian and turquoise necklace at right has no name. This contest is about creatively naming the necklace for my shop, DLPom, to win a bar of soap from my other Etsy shop, SoapSense. Good for me, and good for you if you win! I'm hoping you will love both of my shops and visit me again in the future.

So, enter your best, creative name for the necklace by 7/10/10 in the comments below. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you via blog, shop, or email if you win. I'll choose my favorite of the names suggested, and you'll receive a bar of my wonderful "Relaxation" soap as listed on Etsy. If you are an Etsy shop owner, I'll reference your shop in the necklace listing as winner of this naming contest as an extra perk.

Other contest details:

- 1 winner, must be 18 years or older
- 1 entry per person
- Winner must reside in U.S. or Canada
- Prize Value: $5.00 and shipping to you is FREE
- Winner must respond within 3 days. If not, another winner will be chosen.

Good luck! I can't wait to see your name submissions

~Dana @ DLPom and SoapSense on Etsy


audreyscountrycrafts said...

Aztech Goddess.

Not really good at naming items, but the colors remind me of Aztech jewelry.

audreyscountrycrafts at gmail dot com

TopHat said...

I would call it "Arizona Sunset."

hrfarley at gmail dot com

Julia said...

I'd call it Desert Rain. The rich oranges remind me of hot desert rocks, touched by rare drops of water.


Wehaf said...

Navajo sunrise. Turquoise was often used by the Navajo people, and the beautiful rich oranges you've paired the turquoise with remind me of a vibrant new day. It's is a lovely, evocative piece.

urchiken at gmail dot com

Designs by Jenean said...

Very pretty design. I would call it A Touch of Turquoise.


Nupur said...

I would call it "Fire & Ice" because of the contrasting rich orange/red and blue.

nupur.kittur AT gmail DOT com

Diana D said...

I would call it " Sand and Sea" due to the colors. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

Diana D said...

I am a Google Friend Connect Follower. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

dianad8008 AT gmail DOT com

Lisa said...

Sunrise Poolside, or Poolside Sunrise, whichever you prefer. :)

Clear Lake Creations said...

I would call it Texan Sunset!
The rich colors remind me of a sunset and the country feel of Texas.

Gorgeous piece!

Anonymous said...

The same thing happens to me. After reading the other comments, I see that quite a few people think like I do - those turquoise and golden/oranges remind me of the southwest. My suggestion is "Desert Sky".

@ByHandGiveaways said...

African Wild

duhnellecarter [at] yahoo . com
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libys11 said...

tropical paradise


AmbreRose said...

I would say "good night in the desert."
Good luck with the name game, its hard! ambrerose(!at)

very married said...


i'd call it "Under the Tuscan sun." but like, Tuscan, AZ not Tuscany.

elaine r said...

Beautiful necklace-how about the name Desert Sky.

Elaine R

Beat Black said...

hmm, hot rain was the first thing that came to mind. its a beautiful colour combo

Egle said...

Why not call it the Nameless Necklace. Not only does it mean that you don´t have come out with a name for it. It also means that any name given to it would never be good enough. Nameless necklace sounds mystical, as if it hides some secret.


Cole said...

Tail of the Firefox

Jenny Bolech said...

I'm thinking maybe Sedona Teardrops? I don't know... I'm not that creative!

Thanks for the chance to win anyways!!

jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com