Thursday, July 1, 2010

Beware of the Ultra-Sensitive

Seems that my last blog post titled, "Beware of Pseudo-Soap" touched a raw nerve with some fellow Etsians... Apparently, some are sensitive about implying that imported goods are somehow inferior.

At the risk of even more criticism, I want to defend my previous post.

First of all, I simply reported what I saw. I was telling it like I saw it. Simply the facts.

Nowhere did I say "all" imported goods were inferior. Goodness knows that I use many imported gemstones and sterling silver findings in my jewelry designs!

And once people veered off the path and into the ditch, the point of my post was lost. I was simply trying to say that folks should be careful what they purchase and put on their skin, regardless of where it is made...and in this case, mass produced.

I find it unsettling that people try to spin a message to fit their agenda or highlight some point with which they are "sore."

Hope this isn't too controversial for you! :)

Until next time, happy blogging!

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